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Duncan Lee

Duncan Rogers Lee : husband of Zoe Hunter(since Sept 1 2002), Amherst College educated (magna cum laude), witty, charming and otherwise a really good guy! Loving and cute...and a talented actor, someday he will be a huge star! (AND a great daddy)


Kara Huntzinger - sister of Zoe, in her 20s, lives near West Point..visits on the weekends..sweet & funny..she loves her cat!


Amethyst Valentino- fellow actress and good friend of Zoe..a real sweetie with a heart of the wedding party..gorgeous and fabulous at reiki!


Jodi Morga - Gorgeous and fun, Jodi is a former fashion
designer who has a penchant for men in uniform! Will she
become an NYC cop of just fall in love with on! Sweet and of Zoe's single friends!

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