Zoe Hunter aka Zoe Huntzinger,now Zoe Hunter-Lee, was born and raised in Dutchess County, NY. After spending most of her late childhood and teen years studying voice, dance and styles of acting, she graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She then moved to Hoboken, NJ where she pursued a career in singing/theatre/cabaret and commercials. After traveling with cabaret shows, and industrials, and appearing in several off-off and off broadway shows, Zoe decided to give the big screen a try.

In 2002, she was cast as the vivacious Piper King in Tony Urban's "Klownz" and on the set, she fell in love with film, and specifically with the horror genre.

Currently, Zoe currently lives along the Hudson River just upstate from NYC, with her husband, Duncan and two chihuahuas, Ginger and Chai. She enjoys traveling and meeting horror fans and filmmakers all over the country!