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Today's Entry


Zoe Hunter
Actress of NYC

Zoe Hunter Lee

Born: Zoe Elyse Huntzinger on August 6, 1970's in Vassar Hospital , Poughkeepsie, NY

Age 3 1/2 : Zoe's Sister : Kara Beth is born.

Age 4 or so: Zoe is introduced to ballet and drama classes.

Elementary School: Hagan Elementary in Spackenkill district, Town of Poughkeepsie.

Fourth Grade: Joined TAG (talented and gifted program) after scoring high on individualized tests.

7th Grade: Parents move to Hopewell Jct, N.Y. , where Zoe enters Arlington High School.

11th Grade: Zoe studies with a theatre/film program at Vassar College and learns how to become a professional actress.

College: 4 years at SUNY Fredonia for Musical Theatre, although intrigued by the dramatic stage.

One year after graduation: Zoe moves to NYC (Hoboken actually)...and starts her acting career.

2nd professional acting Gig: NY Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest, NY: Zoe meets the love of her life and soon to be husband: Duncan Lee III

Sept 1, 2002: Duncan and Zoe are married and are in eternal bliss.

Present Day: Zoe and Duncan just bought a great townhouse , and will be moving to Beacon, NY in Feb or March 2003.