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You are an Elf
What Elfquest Creature Are You?
by Peacepine at For Elf Eyes Only.

My Karma Report Reading

Nodes of the Moon (Your Karmic Doorways)

The point on a horoscope chart called the North Node of the Moon is not actually a planet, but can be thought of as a doorway from your current life to your future. And, its opposite point (the South Node of the Moon) can be thought of as a doorway from your past life to your current one.

These two sensitive points can show you what goals you are concerned with in this life, zoe, and what habits from prior lives are holding you back from reaching those goals.

North Node of the Moon in Sagittarius

In your past lives, zoe, you have relied upon your basic instincts to get you through life. Higher education and intellectual pursuits were looked on as frivolous.

Decision making was left to chance as you kept yourself too busy to have time to think things through. You based your decisions on the latest rumor. You were satisfied with the amount of knowledge you had, no matter how little it was.

This time around, zoe, you have the opportunity to develop your intellect, to form a personal philosophy based on fairness to all. You still have difficulties in discerning the truth, so you need to learn your own truth, not other people's truths.

Your possible past lives include, traveling salesman, con artist, migrant laborer, or even the local busybody.

In order to maintain the balance between your two karmic doorways, zoe, you need to develop your intellect through education, reading, and stimulating conversations. Learn to communicate in real terms, instead of small talk, trivia or gossip.

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